February 25, 2014

Warren mayor Fouts declares war on potholes, sets up a hotline to call them in

First there was the War on Poverty, next was the War on Drugs, which brought us to the War on Terror. Now, welcome to the latest....the War on Potholes.

Unfortunately, like the previous "war efforts" mentioned, it is likely that we will be unable to rid ourselves of the lurking, sinister potholes. One more war we have lost before it started.

This reported at The Detroit Free Press -
"Warren Mayor Jim Fouts is tackling another blight problem in his city — potholes. He set up a pothole hotline (586-574-4584) dedicated to residents reporting potholes and said the city will dispatch pothole-filling crews as quickly as possible. Fouts also authorized overtime for eight, two-person public works crews to “work until sundown.” Water division employees also are pitching in, he said in a release today."
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