February 8, 2014

The toughest fight of Gordie Howe’s life

I cannot imagine anyone growing up in Michigan that does not know the name of Gordie Howe. Most certainly, every fan of the sport of hockey knows that Gordie is the greatest hockey player ever. (Sorry Wayne, Gordie is still the best.) I discovered this article via Facebook the other day. It is written by Dan Robson and published on the Sportsnet website prior to the Winter Classic that was played at U of M Stadium in Ann Arbor. This not actually a hockey story...sort of. It's a love story. It's the story of a man who reached the pinnacle of personal achievement. It's the story of his love for the game that gave him world wide recognition. But it's a love story about his wife, who passed away a few years ago, who gave him what the world could never share. His devotion and dedication to his wife, Colleen, as well as his family. Her dedication to seeing him earn his due, to live up to the greatness she always knew was within him. Follow the link below to read the entire story. Here's a snippet.
"It’s one that has taken him on a relentless journey across the continent, living in the care of his scattered family while regularly meeting with fans who still adore him. But between the autographs and handshakes, Mr. Hockey, showing the early signs of dementia, knows that the final period is slipping slowly away. And despite the beating he endured on the ice, these are the toughest days, because he faces them without her. In the Hall of Fame, Gordie stood and answered every question with a quip, a wink and a grin. Then he was asked if this, of all moments, was his proudest. “I would say it’s a second of mine,” he replied softly, the answer immediate and sure. “The first one was marrying Colleen. That’s what started it all.”"
Read this touching article by clicking HERE.


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