March 8, 2014

E-cigarettes ignite Michigan debate over regulation, sales

At first, the argument against smoking, particularly in public, was the claim of the dangers of second-hand smoke. The free market responds by developing a product that works around the myth. Now, seems we have come around the block and even have the apparent support of the tobacco companies.

Hiding behind the issue of sales to minors is the continued overreach whereby responsible adults cannot pursue their own enjoyment when it affects the rights of no one.

This, which has always been the true motivation, is a way to answer false claims about the smoke while maintaining a revenue stream and the cash cow that is the tobacco lobby.

Reported at The Detroit Free Press -
"Banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to kids may seem like a no-brainer, yet Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration and a number of health advocacy groups oppose legislation that does just that. They say it doesn’t go far enough.

Players on both sides of the state’s e-cigarette debate agree that the nicotine-dispensing devices should be kept away from minors, but opinions differ when it comes to regulating the relatively unstudied vaporizers.

Tobacco companies support two bipartisan Senate bills prohibiting the sale and use of e-cigarettes and other devices that deliver nicotine if the buyer is younger than 18 years old. Sen. Glenn Anderson, D-Westland, said he is sponsoring the legislation because it’s “outrageous” that a minor can legally buy and use a highly addictive product. The bills unanimously passed the Senate Thursday."

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