February 17, 2008

Cold Arrival

Here's a snip from the latest post by my friend in Alaska, Todd Katke.

Buford T. Porcupine's Wild and Wacky Adventures
Temperatures minus 15 degrees! I had traveled by this area too many times before and knew what I was looking for. The snow was deep as I made my way in and around these tall evergreens, looking for just the right position to capture the morning's sunrise. Traveling in I saw many moose tracks so I knew they had passed through on the way to thicker more remote parts of the woods. Daily temperatures never rising much beyond the single digits. After about 3 hours of being out in those cold temps, I could think of nothing better than being back home sitting in my rocker by the fireplace and warming up. I must admit my adventures are lagging for the month of January. My daily routine has been making sure the bird feeders are filled and scattering some extra sunflower seed on the ground. With cold temps birds have to eat twice their body weight to survive such frigid cold. What little moving out and about has been through the woods on snowshoes looking for moose tracks or any other tracks I might find.


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