February 17, 2008

Michigan dems deserve a do-over

The Flint Journal -mlive
Hey, Michigan voters, anyone else suddenly feel the urge to tell Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (and the Democratic National Committee, and the state Democratic Party, and ...) to kiss our mitten-shaped petoots? All of a sudden, Michigan and Florida are THE hot states in the Democratic campaign, with party insiders arguing over what role, if any, our currently banned delegates may or may not have at the August convention.

The reason, of course, is the unexpectedly close race, plus a looming worry that enough Michigan dems will be mad enough about the primary debacle to either stay home in November or (gasp!) even turn a blue state red. (God forbid.)

Man, this is delish. Suddenly, Hillary Clinton, who left her name on the ballot but didn't campaign here, is demanding Michigan delegates be seated at the national convention. (Hey, Hill, where were you months ago when the punishment was being doled out?)



Anonymous John fitness training Austin TX said...

They want an electoral mulligan. The big complaint I keep hearing it that the people of FL and MI deserve to have their voices heard. Damn straight they do AND they actually have. The democratic voters in both those states elected people to represent their interests who saw fit to ignore the rules of the national nominating process. The voters of FL and MI should have their say. They did and will. The next time they vote they ought to vote for people other than the knuckleheads that decided to disenfranchise them. 48 out of 50 states managed to get it right.

March 06, 2008  

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