January 15, 2008

Tigers May Stop Season Ticket Sales

Detroit News
What spiked the interest, of course, was the blockbuster trade last month with the Marlins for Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis -- following what had already been a successful offseason that included the acquisition of shortstop Edgar Renteria from the Braves.

"Our TigerFest sold out in a couple of days," said Dombrowski. "Our sponsorship gathering was the largest we've ever had."

And the clamor for season tickets gets louder by the week.

"We've sold (the equivalent of) 4,500 full-season tickets since the day we made the trade," Dombrowski said Monday night on his last stop of the Tigers' annual caravan. "Last year, we had the largest season-ticket base we've ever had, about 19,500, so that 4,500 is on top of that. Now we don't have everyone renewed yet, because they have until Feb. 15, but we anticipate (most of them renewing) -- and I will tell you that we're having conversations about having to cut off our season-ticket sales.


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