November 11, 2006

Residents seeing red after homes are stamped condemned

The Oakland Press:
"Some upscale Oakland County communities that are more used to top-dollar properties than condemnations are demolishing houses, and that has homeowners seeing red. In the last week, houses have been demolished in Bloomfield and West Bloomfield townships - areas that normally are filled with some of the highest-priced homes and condominiums in the area.

'This was my wife's dream home,' said Bill Gray of their house at 3148 Devon Brook Road in Bloomfi eld Township. 'It was a lovely house.' Gray and his wife, Crysteen Moelter-Gray, said they had hopes of building their dream home, but the project was delayed after a number of hospitalizations. In the past 10 years, Gray said, Bloomfield Township municipal attorneys secured court orders against him, delaying completion of the home even more."


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