November 11, 2006

Detroit Lions Weblog » Lions Top Priority Must Become Retaining Martz

Detroit Lions Weblog:
"The Lions are beginning to develop a consistently potent offense that forces it’s opponents to take notice. The chief engineeer behind that offense, Mike Martz, already has been recognized throughout the league as one of it’s more innovative minds. This season’s performance by the Lions offense should be considered the crowning achievement of Martz’s exemplary career, when you consider how bad the Lions offense has been in the past.

With Martz’s leaguewide high esteem in mind, the Lions improved offensive performance does not come without unfortunate consequences. Martz’s name will likely move to the top of several team’s wish lists as a future head coaching candidate. Martz’s previously stated desire to return to the position only increases the likelihood that his potential candidacies will gain some steam as the season progresses."


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