November 11, 2006

Wayne Co. politicians face fines

The Detroit News:
"For the first time in memory, all 15 Wayne County commissioners and Executive Robert Ficano have been hit with fines for campaign finance violations, a total of almost $60,000.

Few are challenging the offenses that date back years, but several question the timing of the sanctions from Clerk Cathy M. Garrett. They were doled out this fall, just days after Garrett's $22 million budget was slashed 5 percent and her office lost 16 positions.

Some commissioners received the notices last week and claim the sanctions smack of payback.

'I've never received scrutiny such as this ever,' said Jewel Ware, D-Detroit, chairwoman of the commission for four years. 'Of course, everybody thinks it's because of the budget.'"


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November 19, 2006  

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