August 3, 2006

Michigan Offers Peninsulas Plate

New plate packs in Michigan symbols
Not that the Mackinac Bridge isn't a potent symbol of Michigan.

But as the state's new commemorative license plate recognizes, there's much more than the Mighty Mac to single out for celebrating the Great Lakes State.

There's Detroit, for one, and the Motor City gets its due on the new Spectacular Peninsulas plate with a rendering of the city's most recognizable building: the Renaissance Center, now headquarters for General Motors Corp. How's that for a one-two punch for heritage?

The RenCen is clearly recognizable as part of the composite cityscape in green across the top of the new plate, which will go on sale in January. Look closely and you'll see the state Capitol building to the far left and, in the middle, Grand Rapids' Amway Grand Plaza Hotel - giving central and west Michigan their props.
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