July 18, 2006

Myers Memorial Commission

Dallas News -
Michigan moves to remember man who left architectural mark across U.S.

Elijah Myers was the brains behind the architectural beauty of state capitol buildings in Michigan, Texas and Colorado.

The cathedrals, courthouses and other structures he designed sweeten the skyline from Michigan to Mexico.

But his own Detroit grave is marked only by a simple stone, with no indication that one of the most influential architects of the late 1800s is buried beneath. A Michigan-based committee is trying to change that by raising at least $5,000 for a marker that would provide some details about a fabled architectural career that threatened to fade into obscurity.

A little more than half of the money has been raised.

"We all pass through life, and we can't take the things we do with us," said state Rep. Steve Bieda, a Warren Democrat and a driving force behind the Myers Memorial Commission. "So the things we leave behind are important. He has quite a legacy, and it should be remembered." Continued ....


Anonymous John said...

This is a good idea...

July 18, 2006  

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