July 18, 2006

Conduct Unbecoming..?

Detroit News -
U.S. judge won't intervene in Fieger case
Ruling leaves decision of whether lawyer broke conduct rules in hands of state's high court.

A federal judge on Monday refused to intervene in a case involving the Michigan Supreme Court and bombastic lawyer Geoffrey Fieger over whether lawyers must be polite when they make comments about judges.

The Michigan Supreme Court is considering a complaint against Fieger alleging he violated rules of professional conduct in 1999 when he gave radio interviews in which he referred to specific Michigan Court of Appeals judges as jackasses, and compared them to Adolf Hitler and his close associates, among other explosive comments.

A decision in that case, which could result in the revoking of Fieger's license to practice law, is expected before the end of the month. Read it here ....


Anonymous John said...

I've been in court several times over the last few years regarding two incidents.

One in which a woman lied about something I supposedly did to her, and I was cleared of any and all wrong doing by the judge because I stood up for myself and wouldn't let this creep slander my good name...

Another was an on-going court case involving Friend Of The Court. Settled.

In both instances, I can say with experience behind me that there are a lot of Jack Ass judges that shouldn't be on the bench.

There's a reason why it's called the "criminal justice system". These judges let the whackos go free, while slamming the honest folk hard. There's more but you get the point...

July 18, 2006  

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