August 2, 2006

Wings Fan's View on Hasek Return

On The Wings -
A2Y has a sober reflection on the Hasek deal up. He likes it. I'm still not a big fan of it.

Sure, it could be great. In a perfect world.

Hasek is going to go down with a groin injury. Does anyone really believe he won't? The only question is when. Will it be 20 games into the season? Or will it come halfway? Say he pulls his groin in an All-Star Game shootout. (continue reading ...)
Stunned. That was my first reaction upon hearing that the Wings signed Hasek for a third tour. I hope his return will help the team get over what is best described as a playoff curse. I, like the author at On The Wings, have my doubts that we won't still be facing questions about dependable goal tending next year. I hope I am wrong but I am happy that Ken Holland didn't over-spend to get Dominick.


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