August 12, 2007

The In-Between Time (Repost)

Still another repost, after a rather lengthy delay, from my "Tales of Dead Dog Express" page. This post first appeared on January 15, 2005.
After completing my "solo" demo tape, I spent a few months basking in the aura seeking a new band to join. I recall going on a few auditions but these didn't quite click. I have always had a preference for playing in a trio and many of these situations would have had me playing the second guitar role. One band I tried out for was a six-piece band that already had two other guitarists. I knew the moment I entered the rehearsal room there would be little chance that I could be happy playing in such a subordinated position. Another band was looking for a lead guitarist and I knew the drummer from Jr High School. I had jammed with him a few other times and we had a pretty good feel for each other's playing styles. He had arranged the audition and I thought it may hold some promise.

As it started, I felt very relaxed and comfortable. We ran through about ten songs that they were using in their set. Even though I didn't know the songs very well, I laid down some decent ad-lib that made playing easy and fun. Then it happened.

The lead singer/rhythm guitarist and his girlfriend, a back-up singer, began to argue about something that happened the night before. They lived together and were renovating the house we were rehearsing in and some debate began relating to the damned remodeling project. Right in the middle of a song, this dude stops playing and starts yelling at the girlfriend through the PA system. She grabs her microphone and started yelling back at him. The rest of us stop playing, hoping the two will stop using the equipment to broadcast their fight for the neighborhood. I look around the room and notice that the band doesn't seem to be phased by the display. (I asked my friend later about this and he said, "Yeah, that shit happens every time we practice. And they're getting married next year.")

The session ended with the girlfriend throwing a tambourine at the guy, he responded by yanking his amp cord, pulling the unit onto the floor on it's face. He then stormed off to their loft room upstairs. She chased after him, both screaming at each other. The rest of the band slips outside to the front porch for a smoke break and to talk about anything except what we had just witnessed. About twenty minutes later, someone commented that it gotta pretty quiet inside and that we may be able resume the rehearsal.

We went back in the house and from our vantage point, could see up into the loft and that the couple were now doing the horizontal bop! Needless to say, the party broke up.

I packed my stuff and fortunately, I was not asked to return. I later learned two things about this band. About 2 months later, the girlfriend caught the guy with another girl, who was being auditioned. The band broke up shortly thereafter. I think the new girl must has passed.



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