April 20, 2007

Michigan's state budget developments

Battle Creek Enquirer:
"Lawmakers and Gov. Jennifer Granholm are trying to solve large deficits in state government budgets for this fiscal year. Among the recent developments:

Meetings between some of key players in the budget process are planned today. It was unclear exactly who would attend. Key participants in the overall process include representatives from the Granholm administration, Republican-led Senate and Democrat-led House. Each of those three groups have advanced at least parts of their budget plans.

So far, key participants have agreed on spending cuts and accounting changes to eliminate roughly one-third of a projected $1 billion deficit in this fiscal year’s combined school aid and general funds. But the deficit could grow because the state is not pulling in as much tax revenue as previously expected, in part because of Michigan’s sluggish economy.


Blogger enchantras said...

I believe that maybe the gov. should give up some of what she makes in a year for the good of the people, I am tired of hearing how much more that we are going to get stuck paying for, when we don't even know where the money went. Our schools and society are the ones paying for the mistakes of the government, we as a people can't become better if the education that we require is out of reach for the students, and our children cannot be safe if the force that is supposed to protect us isn't there....We have overcrowding in the prisions, because the only thing that youth can do now days are the bad things, because we cannot afford to do anything else. The minimum wage that exists,is terrible, and people cannot live on that, and when there is no money there is no school, or sports or the arts for the children to gain the information that they need to make the right decisions in life....Help us out, don't knock us down any more..find the right plan.

May 09, 2007  

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