November 19, 2006

All That Hard Work For Nothing

I think most bloggers wish for more comments on their posts. I also believe that most readers that will leave a comment, more than likely author their own blog and are looking for linking opportunities. I, for one, don't mind when a reader leaves a comment and a tagline for their page. As long as their comments have some relevance to the post, they can pimp anything they wish as long as it's legal, moral, and doesn't cost me any money.

I will draw the line and remove comments that appear with nothing more than a link to a page. This is particularly true when they go to the extent of leaving the same tag on every open post. (I haven't checked archives yet.)

I many be more tolerant of a new blogger that engages in comment spam (maybe) but when I see some jag-off that operates multiple "clone" sites using this trick for traffic, that is a much different story. Color them gone, baby.

Update: No sooner had I removed the first wave of comment spam but there were a replacement set. I have set comments to moderator temporarily. I hope I can return the comments back to normal soon.


Anonymous John said...

Dave - I have my comments moderation on at all times, also coupled with two aggressive anti-comment spam filters as well. It's unfortunate that we site owners must do this, due to the morons in this world who want to make a buck at other's expense.

But this is the way it is. And I have no doubt that this has cost me a lot of comments too. Oh well, I'd rather the filters were on than have to go through my Archives and continually remove the garbage that these malcontents feel the need to deposit into a privately owned website.

They have no right to do what they do, but the laws in this country allow them to get away with it... I'd like to see mandatory prison terms for all spammers. But we know that this will never happen.

And these jerks know it too, so it's open season on any unsuspecting newbie website owner who knows nothing about this plague called comment spam. It never ends...

November 21, 2006  

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