September 4, 2006

Michigan's Musical Connection: Feature Enhancement

This weekend, I was trying to think about how I could make the series, Michigan's Musical Connection, an improved experience for the faithful readers. At first I thought, "improved.....? it's great already!". Then it hit me - V...I...D...E...O.

So I did a little digging and was able to locate some related video clips for some of the featured artist thus far and updated the original posts with the links. Now, when possible, Michigan's Musical Connection will feature video making the weekly series a multimedia extravaganza. All this and we reduced the price by up to 50% and more!

You can view the updated video by (1) click on the links in the sidebar where I have conveniently noted the updates - or - (b) click on the links below.

Joseph Bruce (Violent J)
Ron Carter
Marshall Crenshaw
Don Fagenson (Don Was w/ Was Not Was)
Michael "Cub" Koda (w/ Brownsville Station)

Enjoy the show!

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