September 15, 2006

CT Adventures: Sneak Preview

The other day, my friends Conni Underwood and Todd Katke, sent me a preview copy of a new DVD they have put together. The DVD is called, "For The Love Of Hatcher Pass". It is very cool.

I've mentioned Todd Katke before here. Todd and I have been friends since the fourth grade. Since we are both old, that's a long time ago.

Todd is a wildlife photographer and for many years lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Well, a couple of years ago Todd (aka Buford T Porcupine ) pulled up stakes and moved to Alaska to be closer to the subjects he loves to photograph. Todd met Conni Underwood shortly after getting settled in Wasilla, Alaska. Conni is also a wildlife photographer whose love of the Alaskan wilderness is abundantly apparent once you see the images she captures.

Through their collaboration, Conni and Todd have formed CT Adventures. This DVD is the first project they have produced. I watched this preview copy the other day and was blown away. There are 139 images on the DVD and they serve as a tribute to the region known as Hatcher Pass, which is just outside Anchorage.

Great stuff! Thanks Conni and Todd for sharing Hatcher Pass with me.


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