September 13, 2006

lovedetroit: to stay or not to stay…

lovedetroit: to stay or not to stay…:
"lemme start by saying that i love the city of Detroit (hence the name of the blog)… i would totally love to stay in the city for as long as i’m in Michigan… but i honestly can’t say whether that will or will not happen… 2 main reasons:

Affordability – currently, i live in a 1 bedroom loft in Midtown… i love where i live and of all the places i’ve lived in Metro Detroit, it’s been my favorite (over Royal Oak, Farmington Hills and West Bloomfield)… but the next house i move into has to be a 3 bedroom and if i want something like that in Midtown/Downtown it’s gonna be way out of our price range… on top of that, the ‘burbs will have a plethora of options within our price range…"


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