January 5, 2006


I love cityscapes. I have skyline pictures of the various cities that I have lived in on the walls of my office. What I think makes this page so enjoyable is the author's photo "tour" of the architecture in the city of Detroit. (This site is more than a photoblog but the most recent pages I have seen are focused on several buildings, mainly the older, abandoned structures.) From the description:
You have found the detroitblog. This is about all things Detroit: politics, urban exploration, news, photos, and commentary about the city. I love Detroit, even the old Detroit of blight, waste and emptiness. Hockeytown. Motown. I grew up here, had my best times here. ItÂ’s my town.

My impression is that the author truly loves Detroit and through the pictures posted, this is an irreverent tribute to one of the great cities in North America.



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