January 2, 2006

Welcome to My Michigan Connection

I have lived away from my home turf for several years now. Job transfers are largely responsible for my having traversed the mid-west the past fourteen years. I don't get home to visit friends and family nearly as much as I would like and I miss the familiar surroundings.

I decided to start this page for many reasons. Most selfishly, I hope that by writing about Michigan and sharing a bit of my personal background, it may be therapeutic for my homesickness. Additionally, I love Michigan and though the state is having hard times these days, I think there is a lot of positive to share with others. (No, I am not employed by the travel board or the economic development agency.)

So, here is the starting point of another blog. Here is a subject that I feel very passionate about and even though I no longer live in Michigan (that may change in the near future), I can still feel very much connected to what is happening.



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