January 4, 2006

Buford T. Porcupine's Wild and Wacky Adventures

This may take a little explaining.

My oldest and best friend in the world is Todd Katke. Todd and I grew up together in Plymouth, Michigan. We learned to drink beer together. We played in a rock-n-roll band for many years together. We even dated some of the same girls....not at the same time, but that is entirely too much information.

Todd Katke pursued his dream to become a wildlife photographer shortly after high school. He eventually moved to Vulcan, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. He set up shop as a nature photographer, created a website, and began to establish his credentials in this field. (No pun intended.)

Todd has since moved to Alaska where he continues to capture stunning images of the flora and fauna. I suggested to Todd that it might be fun to create a blog to journal his travels and present his work to a bigger audience.

The working title of our project, which remains, "Buford T Porcupine's Wild and Wacky Adventures". If you enjoy nature photography and you want to support a local boy, now relocated, stop by and see samples of Todd's work as well as information on his newest project, CT Adventures.
Buford T. Porcupine's Wild and Wacky Adventures


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