January 22, 2006

The Detroit Tiger Weblog » Tiger of the decade?

The Detroit Tiger Weblog » Tiger of the decade?:
"While on the Comerica Park tour during Fanfest, I noticed a large display just outside the Tigers clubhouse. It was actually on a wall adjacent to the clubhouse, facing the kitchen/food area. It was floor to ceiling high and featured Tiger history by decade. Each decade featured one photo prominently which presumably represented the Tiger of the Decade. Al Kaline was the 60’s, Willie Horton the 70’s, Trammell the 80’s and Whitaker the 90’s. It raised several questions for me."
While we are approaching the mid-point of both the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons season, rest assured it won't be long before Spring Training opens for the Detroit Tigers.
I admit that I haven't followed baseball for the years that I have lived away from Michigan plus the last strike.
It will be easier for me to once again stay close with the happenings of the Tigers through this blog. Good stuff!


Anonymous John said...

I haven't followed baseball close since I was younger - but enjoy catching a Wings game on the toob. The Lions? Nah!

Still working on getting my Blogroll back on my site Dave, my webmaster has apparently vanished! I do a lot of stuff myself, but this matter is a bit beyond my abilities... Workin' on getting you a link! Have a great week.

January 23, 2006  

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