January 20, 2006

This date in Michigan History

January 20, 1815
Josiah W. Begole is born in Groveland, New York.

At the age of 21, Begole left New York and arrived in Michigan, settling in Flint. Besides running a 500-acre farm, he founded one of Flint's largest sawmills. After making his fortune, Begole entered politics, serving as Genesee County treasurer, a state senator and a U.S. congressman. In 1882, as an advocate of paper money, Begole headed a Fusionist party ticket supported by Democrats and Greenbackers, and was elected governor in a five-man race. As a former Republican who had ousted a Republican incumbent, Begole faced many obstacles in a Republican-dominated legislature. Begole was re-nominated by the Fusionists in 1884, but defeated by Republican Russell Alger. He returned to his business interests in Flint.
Courtesy Michigan History Magazine.
This date in Michigan History


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