January 22, 2006

DavidASpitzley.org's Mythic Detroit

DavidASpitzley.org's Mythic Detroit:
"Huh? or 'What's This About'
If you say the name 'Detroit' to most people, they have very little idea there's more to the city than cars, Motown, houses that burst into flames on October 30, and (thanks to His Eminence Marshall Mathers) the presence of a road named 8 Mile.
As you might expect, this page is intended to rectify this somewhat. I won't be pointing out mundane stuff like the Renaissance Center, Ford Field, or any other elements of the recent downtown building boom. Personally, I'm much more interested in the odd, the whimsical, the 'What the Hell?' factor. Every city has it, and Detroit, a major metropolis during the first half of the 20th century, has at least its fair share.
To be honest, my main motivation for looking into this, aside from native curiosity, is the potential of using the city of Detroit as the setting for a roleplaying campaign. As you'll see, there's plenty to work with for someone who is interested in such things. I'll try to point out potential uses of the different features as I go along."

Via DetroitWonk.


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