February 13, 2010

Granholm pushes service tax plan, with exemptions

I considered a different title for this post....
"How To Raise Almost Everyone's Taxes Without Hardly Trying"

Could also be -

"How I Pretend To Care About Small Businesses While Screwing Them All"

Check this story in the Detroit News...
Detroit News
Overall, about 150 state services would be subject to the tax, raising about half a billion dollars for schools. The state has not compiled a definitive list of what would qualify for the tax.

Karen Norman, owner of Penelope's Pet Salon in Royal Oak isn't happy about the proposal.

"The economy is already slow and you tax a service -- that's going to make it even slower. People are struggling to get their animals groomed. It's not exactly a priority," she said. Her business has had to cut two part-time groomers and trim hours to survive the downturn. A service charge could further slow business and mean having to make deeper cuts to stay afloat, she said.

After reviewing the list of services that would be included in this proposal, I created this image with the help of Wordle.

This latest proposal is more proof WHY the state of Michigan will not recover in the foreseeable future. As long as politicians continue to deceive the electorate and as long as we allow it, we will never regain our autonomy.


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