February 5, 2010

Granholm: Small Businesses Are Michigan's Future

Michigan Radio
Governor Granholm says Michigan must "change its culture" to promote small business and entrepreneurship.

During a stop at Detroit's TechTown business incubator, the Governor continued to stress themes from her State of the State speech.

Granholm says Michigan's historical dependence on the auto industry limited entrepreneurship, but that needs to change. And the Governor says the state should help make it happen.

Same old, same old. How many times have we heard this meaningless banter from our public servants? If she or any other politician were truly serious about helping small business they would just get the hell out of our way. Dangling money in any form, grants or loans, require someone bankroll the enterprise. How can anyone think that redistribution of wealth will provide any meaningful and long lasting solution to the economic problems we face today?


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February 11, 2010  

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