June 24, 2008

Springtime With Buford

Here's the latest from my buddy Todd, a Michigander transplant now living in Alaska -

Buford T. Porcupine's Wild and Wacky Adventures
While most of you down in the lower 48 might have the experience of a whitetail deer coming into your yard, here it's the moose we get so excitied about. A male moose with posts protruding from his head. We named him...Bob. That's because his brother, in close resemblence...Bill, wasn't to far behind him in the woods as well. So over the next few days in early May when we had the last snow falling , I was able to spend time with these two big guys. Following them around the ole homestead. I found if I just talked to them in a low calm voice and told them my intentions, they allowed me to get some pictures of them. Worked out well I thought. Call me crazy, I have no problems of standing, watching and observing the moose. As always check for your nearest tree for a safe retreat if need be.


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