December 15, 2006

Dreaded Vocal Overdubs (repost)

More from the Dead Dog Express. This entry was originally posted on August 28, 2004.

We spent the next week fawning over the dub tape we had from our first recording session. I had worked on trying to edit the lyrics and make sure they were a good blend with the music tracks.

We returned to Bob Goodsite's studio the next Sunday to wrap up our first demo tape. There were a couple of minor re-takes that needed to be done on one of the lead guitar sections so we did that first. This went quickly and Bob began to set up the vocal mics we would be using. I was getting so nervous because singing was just not something I was very confident about and it really showed once I began to sing the first line. Oh man. It was horrible! I felt so self-conscious and became very frustrated by how unprepared I felt.

I opted to take a break and let Todd work on his vocal parts (Cruisin' Down The Road) first. He did a great job and I quickly ditched my attitude as I enjoyed the performance. He was able to get the keeper track after only 2 takes! I was very excited again and, with words of encouragement from Todd, I once again set upon the task. One of the songs I was to sing was a love ballad (I Need Your Love) and the other (Stand Up) was more of a rocker. I chose to sing the second one first in hopes of building my confidence for what would be a more lyric featured song. Good thing too. (I am listening to this tape now as I am writing and, believe me, I am almost reliving each painful note.)

Personal agony. That is the best way for me to describe it. I had gone from feeling so good about the music we had recorded to be extremely discouraged by my contribution on the vocals. I tried to get Todd to take the vocals on all the songs but he wasn't rehearsed to where he felt comfortable. He kept telling me "c'mon Dave, you wrote those words. Remember how you felt when you did? Just let it out. You can do it". Thanks Todd. You have been a good friend but perhaps never more than at that moment. Of course, HE WAS LYING!



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