October 7, 2006

Republicans target Canada to ridicule Michigan senator

globeandmail.com: Republicans target Canada to ridicule Michigan senator:
"Canada, along with Mexico and China, has emerged as the butt of an Internet-based Republican Party effort to topple Debbie Stabenow, a Democratic senator from Michigan who is facing voters in next month's midterm election.

The website sponsored by the National Republican Senatorial Committee slams Ms. Stabenow for allegedly failing to stop imports of Canadian garbage to Michigan landfills, accusing the one-term senator of showing more loyalty to Canada than to her home state.

Web surfers logging on to mercidebbie.com are greeted with a photo of Ms. Stabenow, a black beret superimposed on her head, as O Canada plays in the background. A statement in error-filled French attacks the 56-year-old senator for selling out Michigan."


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