October 7, 2006


AMAZING! - 10/07/06 - The Detroit News Online:
"Almost immediately, in almost every way, the Tigers struck. They struck with clutch hits and clutch pitching, with the astonishing fervor of a team that was sick to death of being the respectful upstart, that was done being overlooked, that was ready to show it isn't remotely overmatched.

The Tigers brought playoff baseball back to Detroit after a 19-year wait, and the pent-up spirit, from the stands to the base paths to the pitcher's mound, was overwhelming. On a night when Yankees legends flailed and Tigers legends grew, the Tigers graphically showed why they're here -- and why they just might stick around.

The Tigers' 6-0 victory before 43,440 fans at Comerica Park on Friday night nudged them ever closer to an upset that would be considered monumental. But after watching Detroit's dominance, and witnessing the masterful pitching by 41-year-old Kenny Rogers, maybe it's time we stopped being shocked by anything these Tigers do."


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