January 9, 2006

On the Wings: Wings 3, Stars 6

The Wings blew a three-goal lead, allowing six unanswered goals in the second and third periods, to lose 6-3 at the Joe today. In contrast to the trend of just a few games ago, Detroit came out of the gates flying in the first but faltered after scoring their second and third goals early in the second period. The Stars took advantage of this and dominated for the next 35 minutes or so, getting an important win for their franchise.

The Wings showed us their two sides tonight: in the first and early goings of the second, it was the crisp-passing, game-dominating team we love to see so much. In the rest of the second and all of the third, they were the sloppy-passing, on-their-heels team we see all too often. In a month where that first team needs to show up more often than not, it is extremely disappointing to see the Wings play their "B" or even "C" game.
On the Wings: Wings 3, Stars 6



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