January 25, 2006

On the Wings: Wings 1, Preds 2 (OT)

On the Wings: Wings 1, Preds 2 (OT)
The Wings lost their points lead in the Central Division when they dropped their second straight game to Nashville last night, 2-1 at the Joe. Because they have more wins than Nashville, they still are the top team in the division but had they not gotten the point that comes with losing in overtime, they would be fourth in the Conference now.

The Predators got outstanding goaltending last night and won because of that more than anything else. Detroit out-chanced them and out-shot them but Tomas Vokoun was a vacuum, making many saves that were as much pure luck as skill. He gave up very few rebounds and absorbed the puck in an amazing way. In one instance, a Brendan Shanahan shot went off the left post and bounced back out, lodging itself somehow in the back of his glove instead of going in off his back as you'd expect (or hope). Another time, he made a save with his blocker arm but there was no rebound, it just disappeared.


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