January 15, 2006

24th Annual Plymouth International Ice Sculpture Spectacular - Watts Up, Inc.

24th Annual Plymouth International Ice Sculpture Spectacular
Michael Watts knows what families and corporations love about January in Michigan - cold and ice and tourism. He has been producing the famed Plymouth International Ice Sculpture Spectacular event in Plymouth for over a decade. The 24th annual celebration is scheduled for January 20 through 22nd, 2006.

The free, family friendly festival has averaged 500,000 visitors for 23 years, pumping more than one million dollars to the city's stores and restaurants each year. The event also generates enormous media. exposure for carvers and their art, as well as for the Plymouth Community.

This is one of the largest events held in the city of Plymouth and one that I enjoyed attending when I lived in the area. It is amazing what these artists are able to produce. I remember they would line the main streets in town with sculptures and, given the typical Michigan winter, they would last for weeks after the event was concluded. The drive through town, for those not prepared to brave the cold, would still allow one to take in this beautiful display of artistic creativity. Gotta see it for yourself.
Watts Up, Inc.


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