January 12, 2006

Metro-Detroit Urban Exploration

Doing a little blog-surfing this afternoon and found this cool site.
(Hat tip to River Rant for leading me to this site.)

After a very quick look around, I found photos of the old Grande Ballroom. I admit that I may be showing my age but I remember the Grande Ballroom as being one of many smaller venues to see bands in the early 70's. Names like The MC5, Iggy and the Stooges, Ted Nugent, Cactus and Mahogany Rush are some that come quickly to mind. I seem to recall that J.Geils Band recorded the live album, "Full House" at the Grande and The Frost recorded "Live from the Grande Ballroom".

It is sad to see what has become of the structure.

I remember working on a salvage crew at the old Michigan Palace. It was fascinating to walk through the old building (yes, I was supposed to be working. I figured I could do work anytime, but looking around an old historic building would only happen once. I was right as I was not asked to return on the second day. I wonder why.)

When you consider the talented performers that graced the stages at these two buildings and the decades earlier when they entertained thousands of Detroit movie-goers, it is a damn shame to have lost them and they certainly deserved a better fate.

Update:I think I will try to assemble a list of performers that played the Grande and post it later.


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