January 29, 2014

Cannabis Law Reform Planning for 2014 Underway

From Michigan Medical Marijuana Report blog -
"The cannabis law reform movement in Michigan constantly gains momentum. We aim straight for victory. “You can make it if you try” says reggae singer Jimmy Cliff; and in Michigan we try harder. Our movement had a winning 2013, and enthusiasm for 2014 is tremendous. 2014 will be critical and decisive. 2013 was huge. Nationally, Colorado and Washington moved to establish legal pot shops. Sanja Gupta did his game changing CNN documentary. Attorney General Eric Holder said that feds will respect state cannabis laws. Michigan accomplishments in 2013 were also epic. The heavily Republican House of Representatives passed “Provisioning Centers” (HB 4271) by a vote of 95 to 14 and passed HB 5104 (allowing edibles and concentrates) by 100 to 9. (Families with epileptic kids had testified for this bill, and their moral force was overwhelming.) To plan for a great 2014 a group of Michigan cannabis leaders attended“Sunday Brunch 2”, on January 12. It was inspiring. We were honored by something which may be unique in the American cannabis movement. Both my members of the Michigan legislature, House Rep. Jeff Irwin and State Senator Rebekah Warren were present at the meeting to help us craft a winning legislative program for 2014! They support the desire of their constituents to end cannabis prohibition. (Joints and the flower arrangement were put away during the time that legislators were present."
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