October 20, 2008

Michigan's US Senate hopefuls hold 2nd debate

Michigan's major party U.S. Senate candidates disagreed sharply Monday on how to help the struggling domestic auto industry in a debate at the Detroit Economic Club.

Incumbent Democrat Carl Levin and Republican challenger Jack Hoogendyk debated for the second time in less than 24 hours. They met Sunday evening at a Grand Valley State University television studio in Grand Rapids.

Levin and Hoogendyk differ sharply on what to do about the economy, Immigration and a host of other topics. That was evident again Monday in a debate that lasted about 50 minutes and was mostly centered on the economy and related topics such as health care costs and taxation.


Anonymous michigan search engine optimization said...

Levin is cemented into that office. Is it just that I'm used to seeing him, or is he on C-Span every time I watch?

Hoogendyk didn't have a chance. I did find it interesting how often I came across Scotty Boman's ads on the web, however. Ah, the plight of the third party.

November 17, 2008  

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