July 22, 2008

Lansing Considering Proposal Banning Scooters

/ WILX News 10
Sales are up at Riverfront Cycle in Lansing...and it isn't bikes improving sales-- it's motorized scooters.

"We're seeing a lot more moped lookers, and we sold quite a few more-- about twice as many as last year," said David Hanson, owner of the cycle shop. "We're doing more than ever before."

Hanson says the reason is no surprise, with the high price at the pump.

"They (scooters) get between 85 and 100 miles per gallon. It's a viable means of transportation," said Hanson.

That could all change. Lansing City Council Vice President Derrick Quinney is spearheading an effort to amend a city code, banning all motorized scooters under 50 cubic centimeters in the city.


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