August 13, 2006

My Michigan Connection: My Hometown - Plymouth

I found a collection of photos of my hometown, Plymouth, from the early days of the city's development. Many of the photos I have were derived from postcard images I found over the years.
I will try to relate the locations of the photos to the current geography. If you have been to Plymouth before, these pictures may have some relevance. If not, well, perhaps I will need to take a road trip to shoot some recent pics to provide a before-after comparison.

This first picture was taken in what is now known as Kellogg Park. The photo was shot looking to the north toward the corner of Main Street and Penniman Avenue by today's reference points.

The statue in the photo is no longer there and most of the ground coverage has been removed in favor of a brick walkway that dissects the park. The white building in the distance background is still a part of the current architecture in town. Through the years it has housed many different tenants. Most memorable for me is when the National Bank of Detroit was it's occupant. The buildings to the left of that once held four or five small stores at ground level and some of the upper levels were either office space or small apartments. I remember Wiltes Pharmacy, Pete's Shoe Repair, and John Smith's Men's Clothes were stores of my youth. All of which are gone today. As is my youth.:)

Update: I located a current photo that roughly displays the general area of the upper photo. Also, based on the cars in the first photo, I am guessing it was taken sometime during the late 1930's or 1940's.


Anonymous John said...

Cool pictures, Dave. Never been to Plymouth, looks like a nice town to live in though. :)

I grew up in Waterford, and that township looks far different than it did in the seventies... Nothing stays the same does it.

August 15, 2006  

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